Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Announced

This year I am attending the Microsoft TechEd conference and was please to hear the announcement of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, previously / currently known as Azure Hyper-V Recovery manager. If you are unfamiliar with the current Hyper-V Recovery Manager service out of Azure it gives you the ability to orchestrate and monitor the protection of your Hyper-V VMs from one data center to another via the use of System Center Virtual Machine Manager and of course Hyper-V Replica which is the core feature enabling the replication and failover capability.

I have been working a lot with customers on Hyper-V replica projects and I think that this is really going to open the door for companies that do not have the budget to deploy and operate another datacenter for DR purposes. There is really going to be a lot to talk about here but I wanted to share my quick notes on both the keynote and the sessions I attended today that cover this awesome new feature:

Notes from Keynote and DCIM-B322

  • Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager will soon be called Azure Site Recovery
  • Replicating to Azure offers the same experience as replicating to another one of your datacenters
  • Azure will support VHDX with this release but will still initially not support Generation 2 VMs
  • You can fail back out of Azure just as easy as you moved in with a failover
  • You can run a test failover in Azure for both DR rehearsal as well as to quickly stand up a replica of your production environment to test something out
  • Replicating into Azure will only use your storage account, IAAS VMs are not provisioned until you conduct an actual failover
  • You can monitor an audit your plans, this enables you to easily run a test plan and have a detailed log to provide documentation to auditors for validation of your DR plan
  • VMs failed over to Azure are auto sized into an appropriate Azure sized based on the source VM size

Expect to hear more from me on this in the coming weeks, I will definitely be jumping right on the preview as soon as it is release and posting about the solution.

I am also presenting at TechDays in San Francisco on June 5-6th on the Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager (Azure Site Recovery). While this will not specifically be around Azure Site Recovery the fundamentals appear to be the same where there are only slight differences with replicating into Azure as compared to another one of your datacenters with HRM. More information on Techdays can be found here: