Service Management Automation License Expired

The Problem

Apparently some time > 180 days ago when I decided to automate the deployment of Service Management Automation in my companies engineering lab I forgot to apply the license key. This product uses your System Center license key and the bits for the product are shipped with Orchestrator. The symptoms you initially experience when this license expires may not initially point you towards licensing.

The Symptoms

New runbooks were simply going into a "Queued" state in the Job Status.

![SMA Job Queued] (

This is annoying, but if you understand SMA's architecture you know that there is a role called the SMA Runbook Worker whose sole purpose is to check the SMA database for Runbooks which need to be ran and run them. The next logical step would be to check the status of the "Runbook Service" on the Runbook Workers. Sure enough in my case, this service was stopped, upon trying to start this service it would immediately stop. Further digging into the event log of the SMA Runbook Worker revealed the root cause of my issue.

Get-WinEvent -ComputerName staging-smarb01 -ProviderName Microsoft-ServiceManagementAutomation -MaxEvents 20

SMA Event Loc - License Expired

Event ID: 2222

Message: "The service exited. License expired on <date>"

The Solution

The solution, is of course, to license SMA! With SMA, this is done via PowerShell.

Install the SMA PowerShell Module

You first need to be sure that you have the SMA PowerShell module available on your admin station so that you can run these commands. You can find this in the System Center 2012 R2 - Orchestrator media @ the following location:


License SMA with PowerShell

Below is an example of how you would apply the System Center license to SMA

#Apply a License to SMA
$WebServiceEndpoint = ''
Set-SmaLicense -ProductKey $ProductKey -WebServiceEndpoint $WebServiceEndpoint